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Clayton Shagal Oat Scrub

$40.00 $48.00

Oat Bran Scrub


Gentle and effective exfoliant for smooth, radiant skin

A must-have for oily and sensitive skin


• Eliminates excess sebum, removes impurities and dead skin cells

• Gently exfoliates skin

• Refines skin and improves its texture

• Tightens dilated pores

• Prevents and reduces the formation of blackheads

• Soothes and reduces skin irritation, inflammation and redness

• Gives a natural, glowing and even complexion

• Leaves skin feeling refreshed

• Facilitates removal of comedones

• Optimizes effectiveness and penetration of Clayton Shagal moisturizers

How to use:

1 to 3 times weekly, according to the recommendations of your skin care specialist

• Cleanse skin with a Clayton Shagal cleanser

• Lightly moisten skin

• Apply Oat Bran Scrub on face and neck (avoid eye contour)

• Leave on for 3 to 5 minutes

• With wet finger tips, lightly emulsify by doing gentle circular movements

• Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water

• Carefully cleanse face and neck again with a Clayton Shagal cleanser

• Use a Clayton Shagal mask or

• Apply Clayton Shagal concentrate and/or gel

• To finish, apply a Clayton Shagal moisturizing cream

**For sensitive or couperose-prone skin: limit use to once weekly and do not emulsify.

**For a deep cleansing: use in the shower; the steam will release the oat bran, allowing it to seep into your pores.


Essential Ingredients:

• Oat bran – Natural skin-softening moisturizer

• Kaolin –Gentle natural skin cleansing exfoliant

70 mL / 2.37 fl. oz.

• Contains: Oats



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