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Lash lift

A lash lift can be thought of as a perm for your eyelashes, enhancing their shape and color without adding extensions. Typically, eyelashes grow outward, but achieving an upward curl creates a more appealing look. This process involves elevating and curling each lash, followed by a tint to make them appear fuller, darker, and longer. While the procedure isn’t painful, it may cause slight
discomfort and possible tearing, which won’t affect the outcome.

Duration of Procedure

The entire lash lift process usually requires about 45 to 60 minutes.

Safety Concerns

When performed correctly, a lash lift should not harm your eyelashes. In fact, it often encourages the natural growth of longer lashes and promotes better lash care.

Longevity of Results

 The effects of a lash lift and tint are expected to last between six to eight weeks.

Aftercare Advice

Proper aftercare within the first 48 hours is vital to prolong the effects of a lash lift. It is advised to avoid water contact, refrain from applying mascara, limit activities that induce sweating, and prevent direct water exposure during showers to maintain the lift.

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